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There are many of us that strive to acquire a certificate to prove that we completed a particular course or workshop. There is nothing wrong with that desire, but don't let it end with you just receiving the certificate and letting it collect dust on your wall or in your cupboard somewhere. Through Sans Group (www.sansgroup.co) my training studio, I've come across many people who are always looking for a shortcut to the finish line. "If I do this course, will it get me a job on TV?" or "If I do this workshop, will you be my agent?" and the answer is always "NO!"

How many people do you know or have read about on social media that have degrees but no jobs? The same goes for Certificate Courses/Workshops. It's not a shortcut. You should go to a course because you want to gain knowledge on a particular topic, which is meant to equip you. Once you've completed your course and received your certificate, it is up to you to push and do what you need to do to get the job you would like, or the job you studied for... it's not easy though.

I have a certificate from a TV Presenting course I did in December 2015 and it's almost 2 years since I completed the course and I've only been to one TV Presenting audition. I know where my certificate is chilling... in my 3rd drawer in my room. The certificate you get is not the end, it's the beginning. It should be your motivation to work hard, network, try new things and whatever methods that may work for you in order to attain that job that you want. I'

ve been lazy and not doing as much as I need to be doing in order to secure a TV Presenting job and the blame is all pointed to me. And that changes from today!

So, I encourage you to join me as I put more effort and energy to getting the TV Presenting job I want! What job do you want? Did you do some short course or degree for it? Do you know what you need to know about the job and how to execute it? Well, what are you waiting for? Its time to put more energy, more effort and more focus to achieving that job!


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