Black Coffee has finally released the music video to the song “Wish You Were Here”, featuring Msaki. As expected from Black Coffee, who meticulously pays attention to detail and sound textures when creating music, the video doesn’t fail to visually deliver a potent message.

The video introduces us to a story of a melancholic young man who is working in the big city of Johannesburg while suffering from detachment, loneliness and extreme emotional conflict as he misses home and his lover. The lead is played by talented South African actor, Hungani Ndlovu. In this new world where he is alone and away from his loved ones, we see heightened sadness, moments of reminiscing and even full-blown anger as he realises that his heart is heavy and that he misses his children and his darling lover. As he wanders through the city we see that the memories of being in a world filled with the familiarity of touch, taste and love haunt the character deeply.

The character is more alive in the world that he leaves behind, surrounded by high spirited energy. Ndlovu’s simple yet dynamic use of body language and facial expressions create a distinct contrast between the two worlds. From love to numbness, joy to loneliness and isolation.

Msaki’s beautiful melodies are a perfect blend with the artistic imagery and performance by Ndlovu. The video could definitely qualify as a short film due to the imaginative way in which colour, sound, movement and character arcs have been used. It is an art piece that delivers both musically and visually with its portrayal of powerful characters and its simple Afrocentric love story.

Sans Group Management Additions:

The music video was released on the 15th of Feb 2019 and is currently sitting over 1.4million views on YouTube. Hungani was thrilled to work with the team and other cast members to create this amazing piece of art. The above write up by Nongcebo is spot on!

If you haven't seen the music video yet, here is the link:

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