Am I Shy?

Growing up I was very shy. Lol, it wasn't that 'cute' kinda shy that you probably thinking about. It was a bit intense. You know, I guess I'm still shy just not as much as I was in primary school, thanks to dancing and acting, they helped bring me out of my shell and gain some confidence. I was always concerened about what people would think of me... If they would like me or not, if I would fit in or not, if I was good enough or not.. and a lot of other thoughts.

When I was in grade 8, I joined the Hip Hop Club and on my first day at the club we had to individually enter the cypher (circle) to freestyle some dance moves. I watched as people went in and out until it was my turn and I froze and then I cried. Like I said, it was a bit intense. I'm grateful to Tumi Tladi, Gavin Walmsley, Yeka Sekizenge, just to name a few... these are the guys that were by my side through-out my journey of breaking out of my shell to finally being able to perform on stages.

What I'm working on now is being more comfortable around new people. I struggle to mingle and not be awkward when I meet people for the first time. So now you can imagine when someone who supports my work and sees me and rushes towards me for a picture or a hug or just to say 'Hi', what could possibly go on in my head. Lol, thankfully it's not as bad as it may seem. I must give props to my lovely lady, Stephanie Sandows, because she's like the opposite when it comes to meeting new people and she's helped me adjust and continues to do so.. And to all who support me and we've met at a mall or garage or event or wherever, I am truly grateful for your support. Thank YOU!!!

I don't ask myself the questions I used to, like if I'm enough or not... I know I am enough and I know my worth. I just have a few walls of protection that need to be reduced in size in order for me to be more welcoming of new places and people.

So, no I'm not shy...or am I? eish

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