Acting VS Dancing

This is a tough one because I truly love acting as much as I love dancing and vice versa. But let me explain...

If it wasn't for dancing, I would've never found my steps to acting. I started dancing at a very young age, annoying my sister becuase I would stand in front of the TV to copy (attempt to copy) the moves I was seeing, whether it was Michael Jackson, James Brown, Jam Alley, some music video and whatever else I could copy I always would and still dance at family functions because I was and still am known as the dancer in the family, amongst my amazing dancing cousins, uncles, aunts, mxm the whole family is full of movement okay!!! Anyway, so in April 2011 when I was 16 I met Shelton Forbez and we started dancing together and I thought I could make extra pocket money through dancing since he was already in the industry... but slowly with time I started opening myself to the idea of acting because there were more acting auditions than dancing ones at the time. I never did drama in school besides like being a tree in primary, which doesnt even count. So I had a lot to learn, acting wise.

I became drawn by being a story teller with my body through dancing and portraying characters in acting. I started watching more school plays and more movies and series to learn more of acting. And before I knew it, I was sold!! Entertaining people quickly became my dream, my ambition, my desire, my like everything. When I decided to tell my parents that I no longer want to do engineering, they didn't accept it immidiatley because this decision happened as I approached my final year in high school. After some time and them seeing my seriousness, they then decided to give me a chance (thank you Jesus!).

I don't wanna keep going on and on with the story, I don't wanna bore you. Dancing was first, then acting came along but I am pretty sure you know that acting and dancing mean a lot to me and I believe that I will be known for being great at both, one day. One step at a time.

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