Is Romeo falling for Hlengiwe?

Just a few months ago Romeo hated Hlengiwe’s guts, but now it seems like they’re getting along. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

To make things worse, Hlengiwe upset Grace when she wanted to do a feature about her rape story. Romeo didn’t take this lying down as he threatened Hlengiwe and called her a hungry tabloid journalist who exploits people.

Hlengiwe went back, asked for forgiveness, explained the angle of the story and Grace was more receptive. Grace then explained all to Romeo and asked him to go and apologise to Hlengiwe. After Romeo apologised to her, Hlengiwe called him a “respectable and honourable man.” That was the first time anyone has ever said that to Romeo and he started seeing Hlengiwe in a different light.

Now, he finds Hlengiwe all miserable at Qs and they start talking about life.

But, it’s the look he gave her that makes us think Romeo could be falling for Hlengiwe.

Full episode now on eOn Demand. Watch Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

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