Hungani was amongst one of the young celebrities in South Africa to be approached by the TRUELOVE Magazine for their online edition of 16 June!! They asked what does 16 June mean to Hungani. They unfortunately didn't provide the whole paragraph Hungani had submitted so we are providing you with the full meaning he gave.

"16 June to me, is a day that reminds me to not only think of myself but the future generations to come and what I am doing to better the world for them. I know I won't be able to better everyone's life but one is better than none. Making choices like joining the board of Matrixmen, a NPO that helps male survivors of abuse with counseling and a place to feel safe to share their story. Being the founder of Sans Group, a training facility for people who want to be in the entertainment industry. Looking at what the youth in 1976 did is something totally different to what I am doing, and one would think you can't put them in the same sentence. Fair enough, but I am targeting different areas/issues that I believe need attention for our future generations. 16 June, a day to be grateful for the what the youth did in the past and a day to plan what we do for the youth to come."

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @MatrixMen

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @SansGroup

Click here for the TRUELOVE ARTICLE LINK

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