5 minutes with Scandal's 'Romeo'

Cape Town - We spoke to Scandal actor Hungani Ndlovu about his character, Romeo, and what's it like dating his co-star. This is what we found out:

1. You play the the role of a very deceitful character. How do you prepare for such a role?

I prepare for the role by understanding the character and his truth. Understanding why he does the things he does in order to not judge the character because that will affect my performance. I then step into his shoes to see which ways would be the best to articulate what I want as the character to fulfil my desire.

2. Would you be friends with Romeo?

I would definitely not be friends with him. No!

3. Portraying the role of such a underhanded character, how do fans react when they meet you in person? Do they see as you the character you portray on Scandal?

They usually start off by expecting me to be the same, until the interactions between us begins and they realise that I'm actually quite reserved and nothing like he character. But some people don't care for that and do their own thing regardless.

4. Do you think Romeo has a redeeming character?

Yes, he's actually a caring young fella. He just needs help.

5. How has the transition from dancer to actor been?

My transition has been great! It's been a very smooth. But with that said, I am making my way back to dancing this year. It made me realise that with dancing, I didn't have the mindset of learning as much as I can like I do with acting so, I plan to put energy in both acting and dancing.

6. So, you're dating your colleague. What is that like?

It's fantastic! We know each other's work hours and stress times etc. which just helps with certain dynamics in our relationship. At work, it's strictly professional and that's it.

- TheJuice

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